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Tamil Calendar - 150 Years Tamil Year Calendar

Tamil Calendar and Daily Tamil Panchang Online

150 year Tamil Calendar starting from the Gregorian calendar year 1870. Find any Tamil calendar day or date from the english calendar or find any englsh date from the Tamil calendar. Traditional Tamil year calendar and tamil panchang online. Daily and monthly tamil calendar in Tamil and in English.

Since many of the religious festivals and cultural events of Tamil Nadu depends on the Tamil calendar, the tamil year calendar is still popular among the tamil speaking people around the globe.

Select the base calendar, i.e., view Tamil calendar on gregorian calendar or see gregorian dates on Tamil Calendar. Also select the language in which you would like to view the page. You can view this Tamil Calendar in Tamil or in English.

Given Below is Tamil Calendar for 1991, அக்டோபர்

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பிரசோற்பத்தி புரட்டாசி 1991 அக்டோபர்
2913 3014 1 15 2 16 3 17 4 18 5 19
6 20 7 21 8 22 9 23 10 24 11 25 12 26
13 27 14 28 15 29 16 30 17 31 18 1 19 2
20 3 21 4 22 5 23 6 24 7 25 8 26 9
27 10 28 11 29 12 30 13 31 14 115 216
  • Big bold dates represent the Gregorian Dates of 1991, அக்டோபர் Month
  • The small digits below the Gregorian Dates represent the Tamil dates. The corresponding Tamil Year and month is பிரசோற்பத்தி, புரட்டாசி.

Tamil Calendar - Tamil Years

Tamil calendar is the traditional calender followed by the people of Tamil nadu. The tamil calendar is based on the hindu solar calendar and is mainly used in determining tamil religious events and agricultural events. Given below is the Tamil Year Calendar in Tamil and English along with daily Tamil Panchang

A tamil calendar consists of 60 year cycles which restarts after every 60 years. While some months of the Tamil Calendar are considered auspicious, there are few months which are considered inauspicious.

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