Dynamic Indian Calendars

India is a land of cultural diversity and every region has its own traditions, rituals and festivals. Different calendar systems are followed by people of different region. Regional calenders like Tamil Calendar, Telugu Calendar, Malayalam Calendar, Hindu Calendar or Bengali calendar decide the festivals, auspicious days and other religious ceremonies among its followers.

Saka Calendar or Hindu Calendar : The Indian National Calendar or the official calendar followed in India is based on the Saka Calendar along with the Gregorian Calendar. The Saka calendar starts with the month of Chaitra and ends with Phalguna. Just like the gregorian calendar, the Saka calendar, also known as the Indian Hindu Calendar, has a normal year of 365 days.Click here for online dynamic Hindu calendar (View in English and Hindi)

Telugu Calendar and Telugu Panchangam : Telugu calendar is followed by the people for Andhra Pradesh. Telugu Calendar forms the basis for determining Hindu religious festivals, other regional holidays and auspicious timing for ceremonies etc... The telugu calendar given here helps you find out details about days and telugu panchangam of any date starting from 1870 AD.Telugu Calendar and Panchangam (View in English and Telugu).

Tamil Panchangam and Tamil Calendar : Several festivals and holidays in Tamil Nadu are based on the Tamil Calendar. This online tamil calendar is a dynamic calendar with clickable dates and months. You can determine the Tamil Panchangam and details about any day between 1870 and this year. Also get daily tamil panchangam and other astrology related information based on tamil calendar.Tamil calendar and Tamil Panchangam (Calendar available in Tamil and English).

Malayalam Calendar (Kolla Varsham) : Malayalam calendar is followed by the people of Kerala. Malayalam calendar, also know as Kolla Varsham starts with the month of Chingam and ends with Karkidakom. Find details about any date starting from 1870. Online malayalam calendar with clickable dates.Malayalam calendar (Available in Malayalam and English).