Search and find std telephone dialing codes in India

Use the India STD telephone codes finder below to find out the STD codes of India. Search for BSNL std dialing codes and std area codes of any place in India.

This India std code finder can be used to:

  • Find STD / Telephone codes for dialing any place in India
  • Find the place to which a particular std dialing code is used
STD Codes - STD Code Search

To find the std code of any place in India use the first search box. Enter the place name and click 'SUBMIT' button. STD code of the place entered will be displayed.

If you already have the dialing code and need to find the place to which the number dials, use the second search box. Enter the number and click 'SUBMIT'. Place name will be displayed.

If an exact match is not found (due to spelling mistakes), nearest matching places will be suggested. Click to find suggestions.