Ideal Body Weight Calculator - Find Your Healthy Body Weight

A healthy body weight depends on the age, gender and body frame of an individual. Ideal body weight is that weight range which keeps a person healty. Given below is an ideal weight calculator which will help you find the healthy body weight range based on your body frame, height and age.

Calculate Ideal Body Weight : To calculate your ideal weight, select your gender and body frame (To find your body frame scroll down). Enter you height in centimetres or Foots and inches and click 'Submit'.

Ideal Weight Calculator

How to find your frame?


Method 1

The easiest way to find your body frame is to wrap your thumb and index finger around your wrist. Your body frame can be determined by the way your fingers overlap. If both the fingers overlap, your body frame is small, if your thumb and index finger touch, your body frame is medium and if they don't touch each other, then your body frame is large.
This method, however, is not considered an accurate measure of body frame.

Method 2 - More accurate method.

Elbow measurement provides a more accurate mesure of your body frame. Following the steps given below.

  • Stetch your arm parallel to the ground.
  • Now bend the fore hand 90 degree and bring it parallel to your body. Keep the inside of your palm facing your body.
  • Place your thumb and index finger of your other hand on the two prominent bones on the either side of your elbow.
  • Measure the distance between the bones. Compare it with the table given below. The values given in the table represent 'Medium Frame'. Any measurement below the size listed in the table is a 'Small Frame' and those above the values in the table below is 'Large Frame'.
Body Frame - Elbow Test

Disclaimer: The ideal weight calculator is provided for general information and guidance only. Please consult a medical practitioner before starting any medication.