Body Mass Index Calculator

BMI or Body Mass Index is a number which indicate the level of fat in a persons body. BMI is based on the height and weight of a person. Has this question ever distrubed you - Am I over weight? BMI will help you find the answer. Calculate your BMI using this BMI calculator and find out whether you've got a healthy bmi or not.

This online BMI test is very simple. To calculate bmi, enter your height (in cms or feet and inches), and your weight (in Kgs or lbs).

Body Mass Index Calculator

What is BMI used for?

Body Mass Index or BMI is a reliable statistical measurement of a person's body fat. BMI tells you if you are underweight, normal, overweight or obese.Bmi also helps you in estimating a healthy body weight and also determining any potential health risk.

How is bmi calculated?

Body Mass Index or bmi is calculated by dividing the weight (in kilograms) of a person by his height in meters squared.

Therefore BMI = Weight [kg]/Height [m2]

Given below is the BMI key which indicate the BMI and the weight category to which a particular index belongs.

BMI IndexWeight Category
< 18.5 Underweight
18.5 to 24.9Healthy
25 to 29.9 Overweight
30 to 34.9Grade 1 Obesity
35 to 39.9 Grade 2 Obesity
> 40Grade 3 (Morbid Obesity)

Healthy BMI - BMI and its effects

Usually a BMI index between 18.6 and 24.9 is considered healthy. Body BMI below 18.6 is underweight and BMI between 24.9 and 29.9 is considered overweight. However if your BMI is above 30, it indicates that the person is obese and requires immediate medical attention.

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) below 18.6 : A bmi index below 18.6 belongs to the category Under Weight for that particular height. Being under weight may weaken your immune system and put you at greater risk for nutritional deficiency disease and osteoporosis. To achieve healthy weight, embrace healthy eating by choosing a variety of calorie and nutrient rich foods and strength training exercises to promote lean muscle development.
  • BMI between 18.6 and 24.9 : This is considered Healthy and normal. A healthy BMI reduces the risk of developing serious health conditions such as blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
  • BMI between 25 and 29.9 : BMI index between 25 and 29.9 belongs to the over weight category. Being over weight may increase the risk of health problems such as high BP, high blood cholestrol, heart disease.
  • BMI above 30 : Any person with a BMI above 29.9 is obese and is living at a high risk of health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Obesity is divided into 3 categories. BMI above 30 but below 34.9 is considered Grade 1 Obesity BMI between 35 and 39.9 is Grade 2 obesity. Finally, BMI above 40 is considered Grade 3 (Morbid Obesity).

The BMI calculator given here is for information purpose only and should not be considered an alternative to professional medical assistance