Friendship Calculator is a simple Friendship Test to see how compatible you are with your friends. Determine who is your friend and who is not. This friendship calculator is an online test of friendship and friends.

The Friendship calculator given below is a friend test to find the percentage of successful friendship between to people. The result of this friendship test is based on your name and your date of birth. The percentage of friendship is calculated based on astrology.

Friendship Test

Friends Test - The friendship calculator and true friend test

Its a well know fact that friendship - as a matter of fact, no relationships, can be put to test and measured using a calculator. Therefore, this friends test given here is for entertainment purpose only and its result should not be considered a true measure of your friendship.

We meet many people every day. Some of them later become our friends and other remain acquaintances. Some of our friends are closer to us than other friends, some are our best friends.

This friendship calculator uses an algorithm which takes into consideration the following factors: Your name and your friends name, your gender and your friend's gender and date of birth of both the people.

Disclaimer: This friendship calculator and friendship test for friends are for entertainment purpose only.